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"Pyritolithos" (known as whetstone) is a natural product difficult in the excavation and its treatment and consequently expensive in his acquisition.

His final dimensions and forms depend from initial dimensions of the stone block that is excavated.

The dimensions are fixed after careful cutting by 4 sides and smoothing of 6 sides on a special smoothing machine.

Form of parallelogram of various dimensions with weight from 300 grams up to 6 kilos for each piece.

The final product has dimensions 12x5x4cm. (650gr) until 25x12x8 (6,5 kg).

They are packed in cartons of 25 kilos and are distributed in wholesalers (Internal market) in import of types [kigkalerias] in the abroad.The Sharpening stones (whetstones) with the classic form are exported in Egypt and the Middle East (Irak, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon) and mainly Turkey. It is exported also but in small quantities in Italy and France. The commercial name that rendered him famous is “Pierre du Levant” ..... the “Stone of East”.The same authentic natural product processed in form of dust with granulometry 50-70 Mesh is exported from the company in the clock industry of Switzerland as the more suitable material of irreproachable smoothing of quadrants clocks of high quality.


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