Product Origin

The Official Naming Of The Product Is Sharpening Stone but it is known also as water stone or whetstone.

Non metallic mining constituted at 96-99% from Dioxide of Silicon (SiO2).

Found in micro-crystal form in the Mountains Of Elouda.

Met with the form of layers of sediment material.

Constituted from skeletons (basically marine) micro-organisms.

The Sharpening Stone is a infrequent mining characteristic of the region. It was excavated in the 18th century when it was also discovered by French tradesmen that they organised locally the excavation and they imported systematically already the crude product in Southern France where they created also factories of treatment and commercial houses of distribution of the final product.The historical reports give to this fanous Stone the henceforth name of “The Stone of East”. In the mountains behind the current Schism Of Eloyntas we can easily see the traces of multiple pits of excavation of the Whetstone.


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