Perakis Sharpening Stones is a small familial enterprise that began her activity with seat Heraklion of Crete in 1898.

The Founder Evangelos George Perakis had been born in the region of excavation of the whetstone (Eloynta Lasithi) that constitutes today apartment of Municipality of Saint Nikolaos. His Studies was in the Fanari and speaking foreigner languages sought a better chance in the big city of Heraklion Crete.

Few Words

The house Evangelos Perakis was a classic commercial enterprise of imports - exports that imported basic foodstuffs of season (Rice, Flour, Spaghettis, citrus fruits, etc. while exported the 2 basic products of region of Eloudas: the Charoypi and the Whetstone (Sharpening stone). Succeeded him his son that created in the means of previous century the factorial infrastructure of treatment of the whetstone up to his final form.

Today, the grandson of the founder, by the company I.Perakis and Sia O.E that created, continues the big in favour age-long familial delivery of excavation, treatment and distribution of whetstones in Greek market and mainly in the abroad.


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